Vial stoppers, small but mighty, are indispensable components in pharmaceutical and laboratory settings, helping maintain the integrity of solutions and preventing potentially hazardous spills.

Among the wide variety of vial stoppers available on the market today are red, gray, and silicone, each carefully designed for separate purposes and settings. So, what makes each different type of stopper so special?

Why the Colors Matter with Vial Stoppers

The different colors of vial stoppers serve more than just an aesthetic or color coding purpose; although helpful, the colors signify the difference between use cases. 

Red stoppers are typically made from natural rubber, which offers airtight seals on vials. Red stoppers are most commonly used in laboratories and pharmaceutical industries for sealing vials containing non-reactive substances like liquid medications, saline solutions, and some reagents. 

Gray stoppers, on the other hand, are made from synthetic materials like butyl rubber and are often used with serum vials and molded vials.

Silicone stoppers have better resistance to extreme temperatures, making them suitable for applications that use heat or multiple steam cycles.

While the color change might help you color-code products or solutions, they also help keep you and those working around you safe!

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