Protective measures are as important now as ever as we are in the middle of a persistent wave of cold, flu, and COVID-19 cases. As these viruses circulate simultaneously, the risk of infection and transmission increases. The symptoms of these illnesses often overlap, making it even more important to adopt preventive measures that target all three.

Masks have proven to be a simple yet effective tool in curbing the spread of respiratory infections. They act as a barrier, preventing respiratory droplets from entering the air and safeguarding the wearer and those around them. While vaccines play a pivotal role in reducing the severity of illness, masks remain an essential element in preventing the transmission of viruses.

At Med Lab Supply, we recognize the importance of accessible protective measures during an uptick in illnesses. In line with our commitment to community health, we are pleased to announce lower prices on boxes of 3-ply surgical masks, starting at just $2.99. As your trusted supplier for medical supplies, we strive to make quality protective gear affordable for everyone.

In the face of the triple threat posed by the cold, flu, and COVID-19, we must remain vigilant and proactive in our efforts to protect ourselves and those around us.

Wearing masks continues to be an important aspect of these efforts, and at Med Lab Supply, we are here to support you with high-quality, affordable masks. Let's navigate these challenging times together, prioritizing health and well-being for all.

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