Pet parents of diabetic fur babies know how challenging it can be to find high-quality, reliable, and affordable medical supplies. As pet lovers ourselves at Med Lab Supply, we want to help make sure that your pet, big or small, is able to receive the care they deserve - that's why we're excited to offer the CarePoint Vet U-100 pet syringes with half-unit markings, truly a game changer in pet diabetic management. 

Managing your pet's diabetes shouldn't be a hassle or stop your pet from living the life they deserve, daily walks included. With CarePoint Vet U-100 pet syringes, offering easy to read markings, you can quickly and accurately dispense life-saving insulin to your furry friend and let them get right back to living their best life snuggling and playing fetch with your loved ones. 

Each box contains 100 syringes, packaged in polybags of ten, making it easy to grab what you need when you need it. The lubricated needle ensures smoother injections, reducing discomfort and making the process more comfortable for your pet. Plus, the comfortable finger grip provides better injection control for you.

Ready to simplify your pet's diabetes management? Visit Med Lab Supply today for all your pet's diabetic supply needs.

Don't wait – give your pet the care they deserve with CarePoint Vet Syringes from Med Lab Supply.

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