At Med Lab Supply, we value our customers, and MyMedLab Rewards is one way we express our appreciation to you. Our loyalty program works for you in two ways: (1) for each dollar you spend, for referrals, and reviews, you earn points that you can redeem on future purchases; and (2) over time, your purchases earn you an increasing permanent discount, so the more you spend, the more you can save. Read more to get all the details of the My MedLab Rewards program.  Med Lab Supply Points = Savings Once you sign up for the program, every dollar that you spend at Med Lab Supply will work for you towards savings. You earn MLS points, not just by making purchases, but by referring new customers, writing reviews, or sharing our website on social media with colleagues.  You can use your MLS points as soon as you earn them. There is no limit to your earnings, and as long as you are an active member, your rewards will not expire.   Ways to earn MLS points As we mentioned above, there are additional ways to earn Med Lab Supply rewards points besides making purchases:
  • Create an account: earn 100 points
  • Share a Med Lab product on Twitter or Pinterest: earn 5 points
  • Share or Like a Med Lab product on Facebook: earn 10 points
  • Share your Med Lab purchase on Facebook or Twitter: earn 10 points
  • Write a product review on our website: earn 5 points
  • Follow us on Twitter: earn 50 points
  • Sign up for our newsletter:  earn 50 points
  • Refer a colleague who creates an account and signs up for our newsletter: earn 100 points
  • Your referred colleague makes their first purchase: earn 400 points 
VIP Tier Savings The other part of our rewards program is VIP Tiered Savings. At Med Lab Supply, the dollar amount of every purchase you make accumulates, and will work toward upgrading your rewards account into progressive discount tiers.  Once you earn a new level, the discount is yours permanently - not for 12 months like many other loyalty programs.  Here are the rewards tiers, and how to earn them:
  • VIP Bronze - Spend $200 and recieve a 1% lifetime discount.*
  • VIP Silver - Spend $500 and recieve a 2% lifetime discount.*
  • VIP Gold - Spend $750 and recieve a 4% lifetime discount* PLUS 5% off all MedLab Supply brand vials, lab glassware, stoppers, and seals.
  • VIP Platinum - Spend $1,500 and recieve a 5% lifetime discount* PLUS 10% off all MedLab Supply brand vials, lab glassware, stoppers, and seals.
  • VIP Diamond - Spend $3,500 and recieve a 5% lifetime discount* PLUS 15% off all MedLab Supply brand vials, lab glassware, stoppers, and seals.
 * Sterile sealed vials, all pumps, polycap filtration, and pump accessories are excluded from the discount.  These two parts of our rewards program work together, so you can earn rewards at the same time: MedLab Supply Points for immediate savings, and VIP Tier discounts that you keep for the lifetime of your account!  How to Maintain Your MLS points and VIP tier discounts Your points and discounts never expire with us as long as you are an active member. To maintain your VIP tier, you do not need to make a purchase, but you must login into your account at least every 60 days.  Failure to login within that time frame will demote your account to the next lowest discount tier level.  To maintain your MLS point balance, you must collect at least 1 MLS point in the previous 12 month period.  If your rewards account becomes does not earn at least 1 point in a 12 month period, you will forfeit any unused points and lose whatever VIP discount ranking that you may have achieved.    Terms and Conditions of our Rewards Program
  • Only one MLS account is allowed per customer.
  • We do not limit the total amount of MLS Reward Points you can earn.  The more you buy, share on social media, refer colleagues, and write reviews, the more MLS points you will earn! 
  • You can redeem as many MLS Reward Points as you want when purchasing from our checkout. Our site will display the amount of your availalbe MLS Reward Points: use the points slider to determine the amount of points you'd like ot use, and their value will be removed from your total.
  • MLS Reward Points are earned and redeemed only on online orders.
  • The VIP Tier Discount will not be applied for sale items, or if another discount code applies.
  • Any referred customer must be a new customer that has not been previously registered on  Points will be transfered once the referred customer makes their first purchase.
  • Points for product reviews will be on hold until the review is approved by administrator.  There is a limit of 10 reviews maximum per day.     
  • For social media shares, the following limits apply: 10 Facebook shares or likes of a product, 10 tweets of a product, 10 pins of a product.  We require a minimum of 60 seconds between each share.
  • Referrals cannot be made for people living in the same household and the address must not be associated with the affiliate.
  • MLS Reward Points are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. For additional terms, see our the Med Lab Rewards page on our website. 
 Sign up today and start taking advantage of being a Med Lab Rewards member: Enroll here.

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