Med Lab Supply carries a large variety of vials for the needs of laboratories, pharmacies, and other medical uses. Would you like to know more about the vials we carry? Here are some basics. A vial is a small glass vessel or bottle that can be used to store liquid, powders, and even at times capsules. Open serum vials can even be used as sample vessels that may be required for use in auto sampler devices for analytical chromatography.  For medical use, a vial could be colored or clear, and each type can be an asset for its specific use. At Med Lab Supply, we currently carry clear and amber glass open vials.  Looking at a vial, the general shape is either like a tube or a bottle with a neck. The volume which is defined by the neck is known as the head space. The bottom of the serum vial is generally flat. This makes a vial different from a test tube, which has a rounded bottom.  The open vial can be sealed in several ways: a flip-top aluminum seal or a tear out center seal, or with a rubber stopper or silicone stopper.  Open serum vials are vital to any type of pharmacy, laboratory, or medical use wherein exact measurements are important. Vials are also used when mixing chemical ingredients and watching the growth of cultures.  At Med Lab Supply we carry an extensive collection of open serum vials. These come in both amber and clear varieties from 2ml to 100ml size in molded and tubular varieties. Our vials are of the highest quality, but are available at the lowest possible price to keep your business costs low.  If you are looking for lab supplies, vials, or chemicals, always shop Med Lab Supply for the best possible price. 

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