Forget about the fancy lab coats, overpriced packaging options, and all the flashy logos – there's a fun and functional yet often overlooked way to make your medical or personal care brand standout: the vial seal. While most companies stick to the usual single-color seals on their vials, there's a game-changer you can utilize – the dual-colored seal.

The dual-colored seal is not just a design element, it's a competitive advantage. Unlike the regular flip-top seals that leave a plain silver aluminum surface once removed, our dual-colored seal retains a color-coded base seal, giving your brand a distinctive edge in the market and helping those using your product to organize their lab or medical setting better. Dual-colored flip-top seals also allow the plastic disc portion of the seal to be removed easily with one hand, exposing the aluminum seal and center hole with no jagged metal edges!

In an industry where precision and attention to detail matter, the unique visual appeal of your medical products and solutions can make a lasting impression. The color flip-top seals not only provide an additional layer of security but also serve as a stand-apart branding opportunity.

At Med Lab Supply, we prioritize quality and durability in all our products. Our dual-color flip-top seals are engineered to meet the highest standards, ensuring that your products not only make a statement but are preserved in the highest possible state. For a wide range of dual-colored seals for your manufacturing needs, visit Med Lab Supply

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