For over five years, Med Lab Supply has been synonymous with excellence in serum glass vials and other pharmacy components. Now, we’re proud to expand our product line to include Laboratory Glass Beakers.

At Med Lab Supply, we understand the importance of precision and reliability when it comes to scientific study and medical practice, which is why our low-form Griffin graduated glass beakers are crafted using the latest technology and tubular glass form design methods.

Each beaker is meticulously created and manufactured with completely uniform wall thickness, allowing you and your company to rely on this thermal shock resistance and strength during testing. With an extra-thick beaded rim and carefully designed spout, Med Lab’s beakers offer superior performance over other common brands on the market. This advanced manufacturing process allows our beaker to be lighter than other traditional glassware while maintaining its durability. Plus, with white, permanent, easy-to-read graduated measurements and large marking squares, you’ll have no trouble accurately measuring and pouring liquids and reagents. 

Our products, including our Med Lab Supply branded beakers, will meet or exceed all the specifications of all major brands of science glassware on the market today. Our glassware can also be shipped faster and at a reduced cost when compared to other brands, thanks to our efficient manufacturing and distribution processes without breaking the bank! 

Ready to elevate your lab experience? It’s time to upgrade to Med Lab Supply beakers, where you can trust that when you choose us, you’re choosing the best for your lab.

Shop now and experience the Med Lab Supply difference. Your research deserves nothing less.

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