Our body’s skin benefits from body scrubs in the same way our face benefits from facial scrubs. Our bodies need exfoliation to un-clog pores and promote skin cell turnover.  However, which body scrub base is better: salt or sugar? Well that really depends on your individual needs. Each base has it is own set of benefits.   Salt Salt granule’s texture and shape tends to be more abrasive than sugar granules.  However, salt specifically Dead Sea Salt contains beneficial mineral content, over 21 minerals to be exact. They include calcium (provides cell protection and assists with nutrient absorption), iron, copper, bromide, zinc, sodium chloride (detoxifying properties), magnesium (for protein synthesis, which allows for quicker skin regeneration) and sulfur (which helps promote collagen). Salt also has therapeutic benefits that promotes circulation, helps with inflammation and opens pores.   Sugar Sugar granules tend to be gentler on the skin.  While sugar lacks the mineral benefits that salt does, it comes pack with its own set of therapeutic benefits.  Sugar is less drying than salt, which come in handy during the drier fall and winter months.  Sugar contains a natural form of glycolic acid, an AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Glycolic acid helps with skin texture and tone, boosts collagen, exfoliation, and skin elasticity. Sugar also dissolves easier into the skin.   Med Lab Supply carries Vale of Eden Fair Trade, Vegan, Organic Sugar and 100% Fine Grain Dead Sea Salt, along with Pure and Organic Essential Oils, Carriers Oils and Raw Ingredients to make your own personalized body scrub. We upload new content weekly, be sure to follow our Blog Column, Pinterest, and Twitter page for updates and sample DIY recipes.

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