When you need to provide a secure, sterile seal for a serum vial, you have several options. In this article, we'll discuss the advantages of prewashed, ready-to-sterilize stoppers, as well as Dual-tone flip top seals.

Dual Tone Flip Top Seals

There are several different varieties of aluminum seals for serum vial closure. One option is an all-aluminum seal with a center that tears off to expose the rubber stopper. These are available in a wide range of colors. The advantage of this seal is that it retains its ability to color code products after the tear-off center is removed. However, many do not consider this style seal as clean and professional-looking as aluminum seals with plastic flip tops. Plastic flip-top aluminum seals are also available in a variety of plastic button colors. The disadvantage of this seal is that once the plastic button is removed to expose the rubber stopper, all that is left is a silver aluminum body with no color distinction. The dual-tone flip-top seal solves both problems. It provides the clean and professional look of a standard flip top seal. However, once the plastic button is removed, the remaining aluminum body is colored rather than just plain silver. The aluminum body can match the color of the plastic button, or it can come in a contrasting color to provide a huge variety of color combinations and options. With so many choices, you can use YOUR color. Dual-tone flip top seals are an exclusive product design that is only sold by Med Lab Supply.

Ready-to-Sterilize Stoppers

Why choose ready-to-sterilize stoppers? They cost less than pre-sterilized stoppers, allowing your lab or medical practice to reallocate these resources as you see fit. What is more, when you sterilize the stoppers in-house, there is even less risk of contamination. Our ready-to-sterilize stoppers have been tested to meet specified bioburden, bacterial endotoxin, and particulate levels.
  • Bioburden: Testing for bioburden is essential in assessing whether the sterilization process is adequate. An unvalidated level of bioburden on stoppers raises questions about the assurance level of the validation of the stopper sterilization process.
  • Endotoxin: Maintaining microbiologically clean components after they have been washed is critical for preventing contamination during storage, shipping and handling.
  • Particulate matter: Particulate matter on stoppers can be transferred to finished packaged products, resulting in particles in the contents that can lead to end-of-the-line rejects and could cause major problems in the validation of finished products.
Our ready-to-sterilize stoppers undergo a Type 4 DMF washing process that is registered with the FDA and performed in a class 100,000 cleanroom (ISO 8). After washing, the components are unloaded and packed in a class 100 cleanroom (ISO 5). They will arrive in a sterilizable Tyvek Steam Clean bag inside an outer polyethylene bag. At Med Lab Supply, we have many varieties of seals and stoppers for your laboratory or medical supply needs at great prices. {{cta('54885022-d722-496e-b91c-54c649e3c3e9')}}

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