Thanks to advances in modern medicine, you can take medication or supplements in many forms; tablets, capsules, soft gels, liquid, injectables in glass serum vials, chewables and powders are all ways you may have taken medicine. Capsules are a great option for powdered or granulated medications and supplements, and they are available in many different varieties with several specialized features that may help to meet your patients’ needs. Here a few forms of capsules that we carry at Med Lab Supply that may be right for your pharmacy or natural dispensary.

Basics of Gelatin Capsules

Gelatin is the most common ingredient used to produce capsules. Gelatin is an animal product made from collagen (a protein). Animal hooves, bones, and connective tissues are boiled down to a gel. The gel is then cooled and molded into capsule form. Many foods and cosmetic products that we use every day use gelatin.

Capsules of Color

Some ingredients in a capsule may lose their effectiveness or spoil more quickly if they are exposed to UV light, so a color capsule may protect it and extend shelf life. Color also adds variety, so it can be helpful if your patient needs to easily differentiate between supplements or medications. It can also be an asset if you need to create a brand distinction for your custom medication or supplement.

Capsules with Flavor

Perhaps you must take an herbal supplement with a displeasing flavor or aroma. A flavored gel capsule can help make the pill easier to swallow. Many patients appreciate having a little taste to their capsules, making the medication or supplement more palatable and easier to swallow.

Clear Capsules

Clear gelatin capsules allow the patient to see what’s inside, which is great when the medication or supplement is visually distinct. Perhaps it may have its own distinct color. In this way, clear capsules may be good for both branding and patient awareness. Med Lab Supply offers the above varieties and more in our extensive selection of capsules. Whatever your needs, for pharmaceutical use or natural supplements, Med Lab Supply has you covered - and at exceptional prices.

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